Flirt Messages

 U r a nice person...
 U r a nice person... but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning... 1st. pray to God so that u can live.... 2nd.take a bath so that others can live....
 Government of India has
 Government of India has introduced a new rule...Good looking people should be thrown out of country!!! U r safe..oh! No where should I Hide???
 In a bath room,
 In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere! You Know whose that boy? Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap! Dirty people always tink dirty
 Whn u r alone,
 Whn u r alone, Whn u r crying, whn u r upset, Don't think of me!! just call me Bcoz incoming is free for me... my friend
 Let me kiss ur lips
 Let me kiss ur lips, let me feel ur teeth, let me feel ur tongue.SMILE! This is ur friend "PEPSODENT" reminding you to brush ur teeth,Twice a day Everyday :)
 Do u know that ur smile takes
 Do u know that ur smile takes 1000 people to death? Save the world... so plz start teeth brushing regularly.
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