Mothers Day Messages

 Many Hugs Only Luv
 Many Hugs Only Luv Never Anger Teaching Me Helping Me Every Smile When I Was Sad Raising Me To Be Strong It Spells Mother. Thanks For Being ...
 A Mother Serves
 A Mother Serves Her Sugar With A Bit Of Peppermint To Clarify The Passages That Carry What She Meant When She First Set To Bear A Soul Quite Separat...
 Mom...I love you lot..
 Mom...I love you lot.. I have learnt so many things from are my first teacher. From you only,i know how to talk & behave with others. You grew up me in Godly fear. My positin came from you only.
 You've Seen Me Laugh
 You've Seen Me Laugh You've Seen Me Cry And Always You Were There With Me I May Not Have Always Said It But Thanks And I Love You Happy Mother's Day...
 Most Superior Example 4 Love'
 Most Superior Example 4 Love' In Anyones Life:- When Apples Are Four And Members Are Five In A Family Then Mother Says, I Dont Like Apples.
 When U Are A Mother,
 When U Are A Mother, U R Never Really Alone In Ur Thoughts. A Mother Always Has To Think Twice, Once For Herself And Once For Her Child.
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