Naughty Messages

 ru know full fom of DARLING ?
 ru know full fom of DARLING ? D = dear A = always R = remembar L = love I = is N = not G = game
 Bite the Neck Gently
 Bite the Neck Gently Chew the Breast Softly Spread the Legs Slowly Tatse the Juice Excitingly That is how you have to enjoy a Chick . Tandoori Chicken
 Heart Touching Lines
 Heart Touching Lines . . . . . . _____(Heart)____
 I chased love i found
 I chased love i found friendship, I chased desires i found hopes, I chased reality i found dreams, I chased a monkey and i found u.
 Monkeys came running to my room
 Monkeys came running to my room and wanted to trouble good people.. I suggested ur name. They said Oh! No we cant disturb our Boss!
 Doctor advised plz
 Doctor advised plz Don’t drink water after eating fish bcoz Fish start swimming & causes gudgudi in stomach
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